Friday, 26 August 2011

New commission

I'm working on the roughs for a new commission for CLASA that involves 16 little books about princesses.
Hereby one page that I did as sample for a possible way to color the books (Snow white).
They will finally be done with black line and simple cell shading, as the books are small and for small litlle girls between 4 and 5 years.


GiuliA said...

Caro it's a splendid project!
and your Snow White is adorable ^-^
good luck!

Carolina Tyran said...

Thank you so much, Giuli! Yes, I'm really thrilled with the project, mostly because it's about princesses, :). But it's a lot of work!!Each book has 12 pages, so my eyes already hurt!!haha!
I hope everything's fine over there too, I always love to peek into your blog :)