Friday, 15 October 2010

Background for a double page

I did this background for the fairie book, it will show a little girl sitting underneath the left tree and a fairie flying upon her.
So, the background and characters were aproved, and it finally came out like this (the redheaded fairie is a character by Gloria Saavedra which I had to take as reference by wish of the editor).


GiuliA said...

ciao Caro! ^o^/
woah, how many amazing illustrations! *_*
I really love your fairies... you're a great artist :)

Carolina Tyran said...

Hi Giuli!
Thank you so much!! I'm very glad that you like my latest works, I have enjoyed them, specially the little fairies!
I'm going to take a sneak peek of your works, you know that I love your style!!
Kisses!! ^ ___ *