Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Continuing with the coloring part..-

I colored a drawing which I like because, there are three girls on it, not just one, in a sort of weird composition, so different from my usual illustrations.
But when I started to put in colors, I just couldn't decide which of two versions is the best.
Finally, I've decided for the version with less colors.


stock tips said...

thats amazing story.

lottery said...

i'm also into those things. care to give some advice?

GiuliA said...

hi Carolina! I found your blog! it's beautiful ^o^!!

about the drawings, I'd like a mix of both...I like the girl on the right in the first one and the girl on the left in the second one. the backrounds are both very nice...
and the drawing in general is spectacular :D!! you're great!

GiuliA ^,^