Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Posting old stuff

As I promised, I will start posting some old illustrations I've been doing before I continue working with the new ones... frankly, there's not so much material to show for the moment, because it's been only a few months since I left my job and before that I didn't have plenty of time for my art with two kids a husband etc, hahah! :) But now, although I'm about to have my third child, I have more time to dedicate to my beloved drawing... so be patient, because in a short time I will be posting new material!!!
PS: To all my dear friends who have been encouraging me to do this (yeah, go for it :) !!!) thank you very much, you're in my hearts, I love you, and it's so very important to me that you're giving me the strength to go on, because I always thought, that I wouldn't be able to REALLY live from my art!!!

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Aurélia said...

No comment ?!

It's just GORGEOUS !! I like to see the WIP, your drawing is sooo beautiful ♥ your line is perfect (I looove the linearts !), the flowers are really good, the face too (I envy you again :D) and the colors... just wonderful, I like very much the glint and the Tria Markers are my love :)